Vlad Ureche

Hi! I am a PhD student at EPFL, in the Programming Methods Laboratory (LAMP). My supervisor is Prof. Martin Odersky, better known for inventing the Scala programming language.

I am interested in performance-oriented compilation of high-level language constructs. Convenience and safety make generics great for productivity, but due to the erasure transformation, they perform sub-optimally when used with primitive numeric types. This is where I can help. My main project, dubbed miniboxing, is aimed at compiling generic classes down to very efficient bytecode. It is available at scala-miniboxing.org and can speed up generic code by up to 22x.

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27th of October 2015 - Presenting "Data-centric Metaprogramming" at the Spark Summit Europe, Amsterdam

23rd of October 2015 - Yannis Smaragdakis will present our paper at the OOPSLA '15 research conference in Pittsburgh, PA.